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366 Kentucky Avenue, Indianapolis, IN, USA
Citizens Energy Group

Job Summary:
Works on scheduled operating shifts; Works as a roving operator monitoring and adjusting water treatment equipment, turbine generators, boiler auxiliary equipment, and high-pressure steam mains and valves.

Key Responsibilities & Expectations: 

  • Cleans, oils and greases equipment, changes charts, filters, takes readings and keeps operating logs and records according to pre-assigned schedules; reports irregularities and abnormal conditions.
  • Monitors automatic analyzing equipment that controls the lime-soda ash softeners, zeolite softeners, anthracite filters, etc.; samples, tests and interprets periodic analyses; makes necessary adjustments on automatic control equipment and chemical feeders used for internal and external boiler water treatment; changes chemical tanks and notifies master operator when to regenerate ion exchangers as required; operates and cleans filter press; Pulls water samples as required.
  • Runs water control tests throughout the complete cycle such as pH, conductivity, hardness, “P”, “M.O“, phosphate, sulfite, sulfate, chloride on all of the boiler water feed water system, using results of tests to adjust chemical feeders to maintain equilibrium.
  • Runs chlorinating tests for the control of biocides in river water and chlorination, adjusts chlorinating and sulfite feed rates as required.
  • Handles and prepares batch chemical mixes for internal and external treatments and makes up chemical solutions used in volumetric analysis.
  • Calibrates, adjusts, uses and keeps all laboratory equipment and work areas in a proper state of cleanliness.
  • Assists in collecting, computing and record keeping on water treatment as required.
  • Assists the Master Operator and Shift Coordinator in preparing boilers, generators, and all auxiliaries for service and/or removal from service; Observes and inspects the operation of the natural gas and oil fired boilers and their auxiliaries during operation; Operates isolated auxiliary equipment and miscellaneous pumps; Blows water columns, mud drums, headers, and air tanks; makes periodic rounds at the screen house; Performs minor preventative maintenance as assigned.
  • Assist with training of employees and prepares to advance to the next level in plant operations.

Qualifications & Requirements:

  • High school diploma or GED.
  • Must have working knowledge of performing water chemistry wet test on hot lime and soda ash softeners and how to make proper adjustments to the treatment.
  • Must have working knowledge of operating gas and oil utility sized boilers.
  • Must have working knowledge of operating high pressure, high temperature steam turbine generator sets including computerized SCADA controls.
  • Must have a valid Indiana driver’s license.
  • Must be able to work overtime, as circumstances require.

Preferred Qualifications:

Previous Power plant or Military experience preferred in the following areas:

  • Experience using Digital Control Systems (DCS)
  • Start-up and shut-down of high pressure, high temperature steam mains