USMC Force Recon Association

The Force Recon Association is a non-profit organization that was established in 1989, according to the regulations of Section 501c19 of the United States Internal Revenue Code. Our mission is to bring together former members of the Force Recon community in order to strengthen the bonds of fellowship, preserve the history of our service, and provide support for our veterans and their families. We work to preserve the legacy of the Force Recon community by promoting camaraderie among our members, providing meaningful programs and services, and advocating for the rights of veterans and their families.

The Force Recon Association (FRA) is a non-profit fraternal veterans association established on 21 September 1989. Its mission is to develop, foster, and perpetuate the ideals, camaraderie, and professional standards of current and former members of Reconnaissance communities and their antecedent and successor units of the United States Marine Corps. The FRA provides scholarships to Reconnaissance Marines, Sailors, and their dependents and also maintains an Assistance Fund for bereavement, medical, awards, and dependent support.

For more information about the USMC Force Recon Association, please visit their website at USMC Force Recon Association.