USMC Combat Correspondents Association

The United States Marine Corps Combat Correspondents Association (USMCCCA) is a professional organization that unites Marines, both active duty and former, who have worked in the fields of journalism, photography, broadcasting, graphic arts, advertising and public relations. The mission of the USMCCCA is to promote camaraderie between members and to recognize their service and dedication to the Marine Corps through various activities and events. The association also works to provide education and support to current and former Marine Combat Correspondents and Combat Communicators.

The USMCCCA is a non-profit organization established with the purpose of providing support to the United States Marine Corps. It is composed of affiliated groups and serves as the only professional organization of its kind in the United States Armed Forces. Founded in 1947, it works to ensure the welfare and prosperity of the Corps and its members through a range of activities and initiatives.

The Association limits its membership to active and former Marines within the field of mass communications, creating a prestigious group of professionals.
The U.S. Marine Corps Mass Communication Association (USMCCCA) enables the Marine Corps’ mass communication capabilities and readiness through the Annual Merit Awards Program, the Gladys McPartland and USMCCCA Foundation Scholarship Funds, and professional seminars. Through the Annual Merit Awards Program, USMCCCA recognizes the professional achievements of active-duty Marines. The Gladys McPartland and USMCCCA Foundation Scholarship Funds are available to active-duty Marines, members, and dependents. The professional seminars provided by USMCCCA help Marines develop their communication skills.
The United States Marine Corps Communicators Association (USMCCCA) presents various awards and conducts seminars annually during its annual conferences. The two most distinguished awards given out by the Association are the Brigadier General Robert L. Denig Distinguished Service Award (DSA) and the Donald L. Dickson Memorial Award. The DSA is presented to a civilian communicator who has made a significant contribution to the Corps, and the Dickson Award is presented to a member of the USMCCCA for notable achievement in support of the Association.
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