Too early to write off DoD e-health record

An old show-biz aphorism states, “Make your mistakes in small rooms.” You could say the same for software. When launching a new act, try it out where it can’t do too much damage.

To its credit, that’s how the Defense Department is handling its MHS Genesis project. The new electronic health care record system is supposed to be complete by 2022. So far, it’s only in four locations in the Pacific Northwest. Good thing, because it doesn’t quite work yet.

As Federal News Radio’s Jared Serbu reports, users so far are unhappy. They’re dealing with s-l-o-w logins, convoluted workflows and potential prescription errors. The DoD’s testing arm concluded MHS Genesis isn’t “operationally effective.”

Better to find out in the military equivalent of Utica than on Broadway. Not that users (and patients) at Fairchild Air Force Base don’t matter. Or at the Madigan Army Medical Center. They do, but— droll as it might sound — DoD has to start somewhere. If the developers, integrators, users and administrators can keep their common goal in mind, this tilting project can get righted.

As IT modernizations go, this is a big one. More accurately, it’s a switch out…

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