The Mission Continues

The Mission Continues is a veteran nonprofit organization that provides veterans with service opportunities to help them make a successful transition back to civilian life. Founded in 2007, the organization enables veterans to serve their communities through programs such as service-learning fellowships, leadership development, and community-building initiatives. Through these programs, The Mission Continues helps veterans to develop the skills and experiences they need to move forward in their post-service lives.

The Mission Continues is committed to improving the lives of veterans through meaningful service and meaningful change. The organization’s programs are designed to build a supportive community of veterans and civilian volunteers, while also providing veterans with the resources they need to transition successfully. Through these programs, veterans gain access to education, mentorship, career opportunities, and other resources that help them to become productive members of their communities.

The Mission Continues also provides veterans with access to resources and support for meeting their mental health and other post-service needs. The organization helps veterans to access the resources and services they need to manage stress and build resilience, and to access community-based support and opportunities for self-care.

The Mission Continues is dedicated to creating a community of veterans and civilian volunteers that works together to support veterans and their families. Through its programs, the organization provides meaningful service opportunities for veterans, while also creating a supportive and empowering environment for veterans to grow and thrive. By joining The Mission Continues, veterans and volunteers gain access to a community of people who are committed to helping veterans and their families succeed.

For more information, please visit The Mission Continues.