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Detroit, MI, USA
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Job Summary

Serves as a subject matter expert in developing and applying cyber security solutions for industrial control systems (ICS) and operational technologies (OT). Identifies and implements tools needed to meet cyber security compliance requirements. Applies thorough and diversified knowledge of OT cyber compliance best practices; and conducts risk assessments, threat modeling. Leads special projects to implement mitigate security risks for internal cyber security processes and procedures. Responsible for developing, communicating, and advising on ICS/OT security standards.

Key Accountabilities

  • Performs and/or initiates assigned cyber security mitigations and proposes solutions to compliance-related problems.
  • Identifies and translates emerging regulations and security requirements in the gas pipeline industry.
  • Actively seeks continuous improvement opportunities and participates in improvement initiatives of internal cyber security processes, procedures, and standards.
  • Responsible for developing, communicating, and advising for ICS/OT security standards.
  • Develops and participates in an incident management team, bringing advanced level skills to respond to security events in line with incident response playbooks for operational technology.
  • Performs security risk assessments for all proposed operational technology related changes.
  • Develops in-depth security architecture and maintain a strong understanding of networks and topography across the business to ensure adequate defense in depth design across the enterprise.
  • Evaluates existing and proposed technical architectures for security risk, provides technical advice to support the design and development of secure architectures and recommends security controls to mitigate those risks.
  • Evaluates internal security architecture may include design assessment, risk assessment, and threat modeling.
  • Evaluates technology initiatives and projects to determine advanced cybersecurity requirements and controls necessary to comply with company policies, standards, and industry best practices.
  • Participates in full solutions lifecycle including engaging with key business stakeholders to understand requirements, perform business analysis and relay feedback to the business unit to improve future offerings.

Minimum Education & Experience Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree in an information technology related discipline.
  • 4+ years of working experience in cyber security field.