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Write Mind Creative, LLC

Wanted:  An experienced, reliable, professional graphic designer to create posts for social media.  This is a subcontractor, remote opportunity.  

About this company: Write Mind Creative (WMC) is USMC Veteran owned and operated.  I started in 2018 and am now growing so much that I can no longer handle the work load on my own.  I am focused solely on small business owners, entrepreneurs and start-ups who need quality branding.  

In addition to branding, I also manage social media for my clients.  This requires custom, branded, targeted posts that “speak” to my client’s target audiences – and this is where I need a quality, reliable subcontractor.  

Job description:  Creation in Canva of between 10 and 18 posts per client per month.  (Example: create 10 posts for 3 different Write Mind Creative clients once per month.)  WMC supplies the brand colors, logo, fonts, etc needed to create the custom look my company is known for.  WMC supplies the posting calendar and guides on what needs to be created. 


  • Knowledge of, and experience with, graphic design and social media post creation. 
  • Your own LLC/Sole Proprietorship
  • Ability to work on deadlines
  • Comfort with working remotely 
  • Good spelling and grammar skills
  • Knowledge of, and experience with, Canva (If you have experience in InDesign, etc, you’ll be able to pick up on Canva pretty quickly.  Plz note: I do not have time to teach.) 
  • A quality PC and internet connection
  • Reliability, dedication, and a strong desire to produce quality work
  • Willingness to design from scratch (WMC does NOT do “cookie cutter” or “one size fits all” templates that are reused on every client.) 
  • Native or highly prolific English speaker/writer

The hours are depended upon your skills, experience, adaptability. (I can usually create 10 posts in approximately 8 hours but it can sometimes take longer.)  ***The pay is per project, not per hour.   

Bonus skills appreciated but not required:

  • Logo design
  • Ability to create multiple designs such as e-newsletter banners, social media profile images, fliers, etc. 

NOT acceptable: 

  • Someone who already has a business doing SMM/branding because that business should take priority
  • A person who does not have passion to produce excellent work
  • Someone who would hire another subcontractor to do work for my business.  This is a 1000% no-go and not permitted via my company contract. 

If interested, know I am honest, trustworthy, appreciative of quality work, and hoping for a long-term subcontractor to add to my team.  I am highly professional, dedicated, and will have your back.   I am supportive, full of energy and willing to allow for your creativity to be utilized when/where possible. Note:  I do not accept sub-par work.  I do not accept missed deadlines (emergencies considered on a case-by-case basis).