Shuttle/Transport Driver – CDL Required – Veteran Jobs | HIRE A VETERAN

Louisville, KY, USA
Coca-Cola Consolidated

Hours: 1pm – Completion 

Job Overview

The Shuttle Drivers are responsible for safely and efficiently operating diesel-powered tractor-trailer combination Commercial Motor Vehicles to transport and deliver products or materials in accordance with FMCSA regulations and company policies. These roles are an essential logistical position that has a set route between a production facility and a local warehouse and are “local” in nature, meaning the drivers can expect to regularly be home daily.

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Ensures safe and productive workday by promptly completing start of shift activities by reviewing work schedule; checking equipment and supplies required to perform the work scheduled and prepare for operations
  • Drives safely following all motor vehicle laws without distraction and maintain a safe working environment by completing all assigned safety training activities and adhering to all safety policies and procedures, including but not limited to conducting Department of Transportation (DOT) daily pre-trip and daily post-trip inspections of vehicle, if required 
  • Conducts a daily pre-trip and post-trip safety inspection and in route safety inspection of trucks and various trailers to ensure safe operation of all equipment according to FMCSA regulations
  • Operates the tractor-trailer safely and legally at all times and in accordance with all applicable laws and company policy
  • Checks and completes accurately and legibly all the required paperwork associated with freight, obtaining required signatures and documentation verifying cargo pick-up and delivery
  • Uses an electronic log, a daily record of hours of service in accordance with FMCSA, state, and company requirements 
  • Loads and secures cargo against movement and damage within the trailer while maintaining seal control as required; frequently backing trailers up to the dock doors with other trailers on either side of the dock
  • Couples and uncouples trucks from various trailers, slide tandems as needed. Secures all equipment and machinery, completes all required paperwork, and refuels truck with diesel fuel and DEF
  • Performs other duties as assigned

Knowledge, Skills, & Abilities

  • This position requires the driver to work outside 25% of the time, exposed to a variety of weather conditions, including but not limited to, high and low temperatures, humidity, wind, and rain.
  • It requires the ability to traverse steps, platforms, protrusions, narrow accesses, concrete, steel, and wood floors, uneven surfaces, and safely enter and exit tractors and trailers while occasionally lifting, carrying, stacking, and, or pulling up to 25 lbs and occasionally lifting or jerking, up to 100lbs.
  • Frequent walking, bending, climbing (into truck and trailer), and occasionally kneeling and squatting may be required.
  •  Able to back trailers up to the dock doors with other trailers on either side of the dock.
  • Capable of reading and understanding information relayed by driver manager or the production and receiving facilities.
  • Must be able to lower and raise loading gear, and open and close cargo doors while climbing on and off the vehicle safely.

Minimum Qualifications

  • High school diploma or GED
  • Must be a US Citizen or a legal alien; must be 23 years of age, minimum 2 years trailer, tractor driving experience.
  • Have and maintain an acceptable Motor Vehicle record and complete a comprehensive background check.
  • Must complete all initial and ongoing training. Must read, write, and communicate in English as it relates to this position and the FMCSA regulations.
  • Must have and maintain valid FMCSA physical certification for interstate driving. Must have and maintain a valid Class A CDL (Commercial Driver’s License) valid for Interstate driving using both manual and automatic transmission.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Knowledge acquired through up to 12 months of work experience

Work Environment

Work environment will vary, including but not limited to exposure to weather conditions

Coca-Cola Consolidated, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer.