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1234 East Broad Street, Columbus, OH, USA
The Columbus Foundation

Department description: The Donor Services and Development team is responsible for working with individuals, families, and businesses to assist them in achieving their charitable goals. The Employee Assistance Program specifically assists businesses in providing grants for food, shelter, and other basic needs for associates who are experiencing financial challenges due to an unexpected hardship.

Position description: The Scholarships and Fund Assistant provides support to the scholarships team through assistance with scheduling, online applications, data entry, and mailing support. The role also supports the documentation of new funds and serves as backup support for other Donor Services staff.

Position responsibilities:

  • Work with the Scholarships Officer and Scholarships Coordinator on all functions related to scholarships (75-80% of role)
    • Schedule selection committee meetings, including balancing the Scholarships Officer’s and committee members’ calendars, use of Doodle Poll and Dropbox, and significant email communication, and data management for 60-80 meetings, primarily in the first quarter each year.
    • Create SurveyMonkey Apply individual applications, and support those applications through student question support, troubleshooting, online review creation, reviewer assignment, and support of other aspects of the program. Work with the scholarships team on other online and paper applications.
    • Enter scholarship recipients into the Foundation’s database Foundation Power (FP) and create scholarship grants in the database; and print, scan, and mail award letters.
    • Collaborate with the scholarships team in the tracking of scholarship progress with internal spreadsheets and database for nearly 300 scholarships.
    • Support the promotion of scholarships by researching contacts; mailing and emailing scholarship-specific groups; and mailing annual fund availability letters, award letters, and various other mailings throughout the year.
    • Scan and save thank you notes; forward to fund contacts as appropriate.
    • Other duties that support the scholarships program.
  • Work with Donor Services Officers in tracking, processing, and finalizing all paperwork for new funds, including creating and filing physical and electronic files and maintaining accurate records in Foundation Power (FP) and providing donors with online access to The Giving Store. (20-25% of role)
    • Complete New Fund Checklist for every new fund.
    • Ensure the fully-executed New Fund Database Form is in the file; make a copy for Executive Assistant for Donor Services.
    • Compare details of the New Fund Database Form with data in FP to ensure information is correct.
    • Draft and mail thank you letters to advisors for referrals, and enter into FP contact log.
    • Draft and mail donor welcome letters, and enter into FP contact log.
    • Coordinate with officers to finalize missing details on forms and missing Letters of Transmittal.
    • Scan and upload signed letters of transmittal to database, fund applications, new fund database form, and initial gift information to FP.
    • Draft and finalize letters to donors, including gift book and welcome packets and enter into FP contact log.
  • Support Donor Services and Foundation staff on foundation-wide initiatives e.g., The Big Give, Giving Tuesday, The Big Table, and Better Together Projects.
  • Provide excellent customer service in all interactions with students, committees, donors, and others.
  • Continually review work processes for better efficiency and effectiveness, and learn and balance new and old technology.
  • Other projects as needed.

Skills and experience:

  • High level of confidence with many forms of technology and computer programs, and interest in learning additional programs.
  • Ability to transition quickly between tasks and juggle a variety of tasks.
  • Attention to detail as demonstrated by resume, cover letter, and recommendations.
  • The ideal candidate is task-oriented, organized, empathetic, nimble, patient, and thoughtful in work and interpersonal interactions


To apply, send letter of interest (including salary requirements), portfolio, and resume no later than Monday, May 31 to Alicia Szempruch, Scholarships Officer and Manager of The Big Table, at