Sales Engineer – Veteran Jobs | HIRE A VETERAN

Remote (Overland Park, Kansas, Kansas City KS)

Let’s be honest, you don’t just “get” technical work, you actually enjoy it! Your curiosity to constantly learn about new technology and integrations has you always aware of the cutting edge, or at least pretty darn close! Couple that with the chance to both explain and help implement that technology for a client and you feel like you’re right where you want to be. Quick on your responses and able to be detailed without making people feel overwhelmed by the information you present, you feel called to rise to the challenge of juggling multiple clients at the same time without dropping any of them.

You bring the drive to make sure that the right information is in the right form at the right time for the client, and we promise to compensate you fairly and make sure you love the environment you work in and are recognized for the work you produce. 

Key Responsibilities

  • Successfully demo DataLocker products and services on-site, remotely, or at conferences or trade shows
  • Provide all pre-sales technical support during all trials and demos
  • Support roll-out and implementation of DataLocker products and services, which can include delivering professional services, tracking enhancement requests, or creating Knowledge Base articles (KB) for clients
  • Track progress with all assigned clients in SalesForce 
  • Research competitors’ products and produce product comparison matrix charts
  • Strong ability to collaborate and dynamic presentation skills and ability to communicate clearly to emails and RFPs when submitting reports.


Job Overview and Requirements

    • Job Type: Sales Engineer (pre/post sales technical expert)

  • Work Hours: Full Time
    • Base Pay:  salary + commission plan based on bookings

  • Training for position: Formal and Informal
  • Physical Requirements: Ability to travel
  • Required Education: High School or GED (college degree  preferred)
  • Required Experience: 5+ years in related field preferred.  Knowledge of Network Administration, Domain Administration and expertise with IT operations/integration (such as SEIM or SSO) is a huge plus
  • Extra Credit: Experience in Fed Space and/or military background
  • Benefits: Group Medical, Vision and Dental, 401K, 401K Match, flexible PTO