RCL Track Services Rail Pick Up Crewman (Remote) – Veteran Jobs

RCL Track Services

Track Services Rail Pick Up Crewman Level 2 Job Description


Work Location: Various locations throughout the United States

Travel: Mandatory

Pay Rate: Pay rate may be negotiated based on previous experience
Schedule: 19 days on/2 days travel/7 days off;/9-hour days up to 12-hour days; with the possibility of more days on and less days off


General Description:

Assist in the safe removal of railroad track materials from active railroad track lines. This position may include, but not limited to the operation of welding equipment for cutting and cropping railroad track materials; the operation of a grapple boom truck to pick up and remove, load out, transport and other various duties that may be required for the safe removal and storage of railroad track materials from railroad track lines. This job requires the safe operation of hi-rail vehicles and equipment with most work being performed on live and active main line railroad tracks.

Physical Duties:

Physical duties require the ability to do the following: make quick and accurate movements; maintain exact and steady arm/hand positioning movements; perform a rapid, horizontal hand torque action; lift/carry and push/pull objects weighing 25 lbs. (frequently), 50 lbs. (occasionally) , climb ladders and large structures and maintain balance while working on equipment (frequently); lift and maneuver heavy objects overhead (infrequently); walk for varied distances on uneven terrain (typically 3-5 miles per week); maintain muscular exertion over time; perform occasional overhead work for short periods of time; perform occasional bending, stooping and kneeling; and stand for 10 hours a day.



Work Conditions:

·       Outside and exposed to all weather conditions.

·       Outside work is required regardless of weather conditions.

·       Must wear personal protective equipment such as safety glasses, safety boots, hard hats, and hearing protection where the company requires. 

·       In many rural remote geographic areas.

·       On the road or traveling, as required.

·       Occasionally at heights of 10 feet or more above the ground, while operating a grapple boom

·       Away from home for several days at a time, with travel constituting in 95-100% of the position.


Required Education, Training, Experience or Skills:

·       Class B CDL is required.

·       Medical Examiner’s Certificate is required.

·       Applicants must be 21 years of age or older.

·       Previous railroad experience is preferred.

·       Applicants must be able to perform physical labor and operate heavy machinery.

·       Experience in the operations of a crane or leader is preferred.

·       Applicants must have the ability to communicate and work well both independently and with others.

·       Previous experience operating construction equipment.

·       Must have a dependable form of transportation. If you live more than 10 hours away from the jobsite – A flight will be made for you to get to your destination. If you live 10 hours or less from the jobsite – You are required to use your personal transportation to get to the job site. The RCL Mileage Reimbursement Policy can be utilized.



On a post-offer basis, RCL Track Services will conduct an investigation into newly hired employees regarding their past employment, state and federal criminal history, military history, driving history, education, professional license or certification verification if job-related, Social Security number, prior drug history, and other job-related information.

·       Individuals with felony and/or misdemeanor convictions may not be hired.

·       Applicants that have more than 3 moving violations on their driving record may not be hired. 

·       DUI/DWI’s must be over 5 years old.



·       Applicants must pass a pre-employment drug test.

·       In addition, the company conducts for-cause, post-accident, and random drug and alcohol testing of its employees.