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Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, Palmer Road North, Bethesda, MD, USA

CCMS is looking for an experienced Psychiatric Technician – Psychometrist to work in the Neuropsychological Assessment Division, Department of Psychology, and Behavioral Health Directorate at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in support of the Neuropsychology Service. The position is full time with a full benefits package.

Services will normally be required Monday through Friday between the hours of 0645 and 1700 for an 8.5 hour shift which includes an uncompensated .5-hour meal break. Services will not normally be required on the day of observance of Federal holidays.


  • Possess a current certification as a Specialist in Psychometry by the Board of Certified Psychometrists, OR
  • Possess a current certification as a Psychiatric Technician by the American Association of Psychiatric Technicians, OR
  • Possess a certification received from military training as a Psychiatric Technician, OR
  • Have a minimum of 12 months full time experience working as a Psychometrist administering neuropsychological tests under the supervision of a licensed neuropsychologist.

Have a minimum of 12 months full time experience within the preceding 24 months as a Psychiatric Technician administering neuropsychological tests under the supervision of a neuropsychologist.

Life Support Certifications: All contract service providers shall possess and maintain current course completion Certification for basic life support (BLS) through an American Heart Association recognized program.

Specific Task/Responsibilities:

  • Demonstrate sound clinical judgment in providing patient care.
  • Function as a Psychometrist who administers and scores a wide range of test batteries with a diverse population of beneficiaries.
  • Administer and score objective psychological, neuropsychological, personality, cognitive, intelligence, effort, and academic tests.
  • Manage physically, emotionally, and/or cognitively impaired patients for an extended period of time.
  • Provide support and encouragement to uncooperative, inattentive, or antagonistic patients to complete the testing protocol.
  • Identify significant behavioral patterns and convey diagnostic impressions based on test behavior and results with professionals.
  • Consult with attending Clinical Psychologist or Chief if patient is not able to continue with testing.
  • Make preliminary interpretations of the data, including validity of test results and review protocols for initial risk factor elevations and inform attending Clinical Psychologist or Chief about potential patterns of responses which fall into the category of danger to self/danger to others.
  • Score test protocols accurately and promptly, utilizing objective criteria and technical judgment. Enter all test data into a database and prepare a summary of the results. Contribute to the clinical formulation of the assessment/treatment agenda, based on behavioral observation, test battery data, and assessment of motivation, cooperation, strengths, and weaknesses.
  • Utilize therapeutic assessment and interview skills to illicit accurate and concise accounts of the patient’s condition. Document patient care using proper terminology IAW clinic policy. May assist attending Clinical Psychologist in the development of a comprehensive diagnostic report by writing back-ground section of report following a thorough chart review.
  • May assist in the acquisition and management of testing equipment and supplies. Maintain the security and inventory of psychological testing materials (including notebook computers, assessment manuals and response booklets, and both electronic and physical patient data). May assist in ordering of supplies and inventory of neuropsychology instruments.
  • Obtain sufficient information from the patient presenting for care in order to describe the patient’s current mental status. Transcribe that information and behavioral observations into Word or AHLTA documents. Present information obtained to the attending Clinical Psychologist, privileged providers, and trainees.
  • Complete and submit work in a timely manner IAW clinic SOPs.

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