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Our office is in the Eastpoint Industrial Park off Old Henry Road– 2007 Lake Point Way Louisville, KY 40223

CST Co. has a separate operation from our core Accounts Receivable management business. This separate business is called Client Services Group. Many of our major clients across the US don’t have the staffing nor the time to stay in touch with all their customers, so this business segment was developed to provide a customer service process for our clients, where we make phone calls and send emails to the customers of our clients, thanking them for doing business with our client. We also ask if they need to speak with someone in our clients’ sales departments or if they need anything like a copy of an invoice or have a question answered.

Your recorded notes on these contacts are provided to our client, so they can review our results on their behalf. This is not cold-call telemarketing nor is it collection work. This is part-time work and we can work around your schedule. You can work as little as 10 and up to 25 hours per week. This position pays $11 per hour. We are located off Old Henry Road and the Gene Snyder in eastern Louisville, KY.  Prefer to have employees work on site, but remote work may be made available after a period of time.

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