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Beckerle Consultants, Inc.

LEAD INSTALLER:  The Lead Installer is “the face of Beckerle in the field”. They are responsible for all field actions and the Installers on their project. The Lead is assigned to one project only. The Lead is assigned to their project by the Installation Manager. The Lead is to work into conjunction with the Project Manager/Engineer of a project to understand all areas and requirements of a project. The Lead is responsible for all field  documentation, including but not limited to daily reports, “job box talks”, marking up Shop Drawings, Layout of systems, communicating change orders to the PM/E, etc. The Lead is to report any field issues to the PM/E and the Install Manager. Some additional responsibilities include the following:  Must be OSHA 30 trained and a potential Site Safety Representative. Manages time to mentor, train and work alongside Installers, while also serving as the primary on site point of contact for coordination of field activities among trades and with the customer and GC’s  May serve as on site Safety Representative / QA compliance Manager Represents Beckerle at regularly scheduled on site meetings (push / pull, coordination, safety, etc.)  Tracking man hours and progress against Beckerle project schedule Reporting daily progress to the Project Manager and Installation Manager Verifying accuracy of equipment layouts and adherence to Beckerle installation best practices  Notifies the Install Manager and Engineer / PM needs for additional material or manpower “in the moment”. Is able to justify these requests.  Consistently provides timely performance feedback to subordinates Promptly notifies the Engineer / PM of issues and problems that may pose risk to Beckerle  Coordinates change orders in conjunction with Project Manager, providing documentation and information that may be required to support change orders Knows the status of RFI’s, change orders, contracts, project schedule, on site material, shipments, deliveries and storage. This refers to the RFI’s that impede Beckerle’s Scope of Work. The Lead needs to be aware of the Site Safety Plan, Beckerle’s Scope of Work, and the contractual inclusions/exclusions.  Manages on site material storage and coordinates material deliveries to the site with the PM and / or Install Manager  Ultimately responsible for driving the installation practices as well as the project schedule as set by the PM/E and the overall execution of our work in the field on his or her projects  Document/Perform the safety evaluations Daily Reporting.  Must be Fluent in reading, writing, talking, and speaking English The Lead does not have the authority to release Installers from employment, but can send Installers home for unsafe practices, insubordination, or not following Beckerle or jobsite procedures and rules. The Lead is to report any disciplinary actions to the Install Manager immediately.  Must plan ahead and walk the next day’s work area. If the area is not clear of obstructions, then they must report this to the customer or GC to get the area cleared. Review and Check-in all Material. Check the received material against the job material list and immediately report any discrepancies to the PM/E. The Lead must also report any damaged or missing material to the Install Manager and PM/E. A Lead may moved back down to a Level III Installer if the responsibilities are too much for them.

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