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Minneapolis, MN, USA
Steven Scott Management

Maintenance Technician is a position between 0-5 years of experience. This position maintains efficient operation and upkeep of the property and grounds in a supportive role to enhance the value of the community following Steven Scott Management policies, procedures and standards. This position may advance to a Skilled Maintenance Technician level after gaining the skills and experience which meet the qualifications for a Skilled Maintenance Technician as well as demonstrating the ability to perform the work of a Skilled Maintenance Technician.

• Daily repair and upkeep of the property including work orders.

• Learn and complete minor work orders such as snake toilets, snake drains, clear slow draining tubs, adjust/replace door closure, remove/replace caulking and replace locks, deadbolts and passage locks.

• Learn and complete basic plumbing work orders such as repair leaking faucets, replace faucets, and replace different components of toilets such as flapper, toilet handle and ball cocks.

• Learn and complete basic electrical work orders such as replacing electrical outlet plates and electrical wall switches.

• Maintains grounds as assigned which may include trash pick-up, shoveling, and sweeping curb/dumpster area, maintaining landscape beds and other areas.

• Moves appliances (or assists) as needed.

• Timely preparation of vacant units for occupancy which may include cleaning responsibilities.

• Consults with the Property Manager on at least a daily basis the status of work orders, projects, apartment/townhome turns, and other maintenance items on the property.

• Responsible for the care, maintenance and inventory of all supplies and equipment owned by the property and/or the management company.

• Responsible for the supply, upkeep and insurance coverage of all personal tools as required.

• Demonstrates courteous and efficient customer service at all times.

• Undergo continuous internal training and required education to expand skill set and experience.

• Responsible for seeking educational opportunities and self-improvement for personal growth and development.

• Required to work on an on-call basis after demonstrating thorough job knowledge, obtaining proper licenses/certifications, obtaining proper tools required for on-call, and at the approval of a Skilled or Advanced Technician and the Regional Portfolio Manager.