Inventory Control Specialist – Veteran Job | HIRE A VETERAN

Vadnais Heights, MN, USA

At HIPERFIRE, the Inventory Control Specialist has the primary responsibility of increasing and maintaining company profitability by maintaining accurate inventory levels; they also ensure that optimal inventory is present and ready for use. There is a lot of upward mobility within this organization and qualified candidates must demonstrate a highly motivated and driven attitude at all times. Proficiency and/or certification in logistics, business management, supply, or leadership courses are preferred.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities of the Inventory Control Specialist

– Develop and implement procedures for ensuring that adequate inventory levels are present.

– Identify and optimize common inventory items.

– Work with other teams including sales, shipping and purchasing.

– Ensure that inventory counts are completed regularly and in a timely manner.

– Audit the facility’s entire inventory on a regular basis and provides reports to management.

– Train other employees in cycle counting and inventory control.

– File claims with manufacturers or sellers when defective goods are found in the inventory.

– Instruct others on how and where to return defective goods.

– Keep a particular area for returned goods tidy and clean.

– Keep up with changing technologies such as computer software in order to remain valuable to his or her employer.

– Follow all existing company policies and procedures.

– Consistently evaluate current processes and look for ways to improve profitability through cost reduction or efficiency.

Additional Duties, may include but not limited to

– Answering phones and addressing customer service issues.

– Daily and/or weekly cleaning duties.

– Assist with testing procedures, quality control, and other development related tasks.

– Assist with other departments when needed.

– Travel and assistance with trade shows and events around the country at various times throughout the year.

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

– Demonstrate the ability to quickly adapt to changing conditions and solve problems immediately.

– Show the ability to work well under pressure, such as when inventory deliveries or shipments become late or forgotten.

– Possess effective written and verbal communication skills; displays reading comprehension skills.

– Exhibit the ability to work well with others and maintain organization between cross-related departments.

– Display the ability to multitask and handle multiple issues at the same time without stress.

Compensation and Benefits

– $45,000/year salary, paid bi-monthly

– 2 weeks paid vacation per year

– PTO for working holiday or weekend trade shows and events

– No current health benefits but options will be available in the future