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Four ways NDAA amendments are changing personnel issues

Flag officers may have more oversight placed on them, the Defense Department may have to look into flexible maternity leave and credentials might be easier for service members.

Those are just a taste of some of the amendments regarding personnel issues that made it into the House version of the 2019 defense authorization last week.

The May 9 markup went into the wee hours of the morning, so Federal News Radio rounded up what you need to know about personnel issues that snuck into the NDAA before the House Armed Services Committee passed it 60-1.


Credentials have been a big issue for the military and Congress over the past few years. Lawmakers find it preposterous that service members can drive an 18-wheeler in the military, but then have to go through another licensing process to drive one in the civilian world.

The 2019 House version of the defense authorization bill tries to make it easier for service members to transition to civilian life with employment options.

The amendment from Rep. Steve Russell (R-Okla.) makes a subtle change to the military’s credentialing program, but it has large repercussions.

Previously, the law required DoD to pay for…

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