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9817 233rd Avenue East, Suite C, Bonney Lake, WA, USA
Instrument Sales and Service, Inc.

When you see an electronic part, are you compelled to take it apart to see how it works?

ISS is looking for just this type of person to be our new Level 4 Reman Technician.  You will be inspecting a wide variety of assemblies and components, according to established guidelines, to ensure that they conform to product requirements.  You will be working from schematics and drawings using precision meters, gauges and instruments.  You will be the highest level technician on our line, so you will need to master all line activities and become the “go to” person that others will come to for troubleshooting and assistance.

Do you have what we are looking for?

Required Skills

These skills require a high level of mechanical and electrical skill sets.

  • Ability to read schematics and understand basic electronic theory.
  • Ability to properly use the DMM and oscilloscope.
  • Ability to do minor troubleshooting.
  • Ability to enter basic data into Excel spreadsheets and basic use of ISS computer systems.
  • Ability to learn and demonstrate proficiency in Reman Parts Changer levels 1-3 positions.

These skills require a 2 year degree in electronic engineering from an accredited institution of learning, or comparable training and experience.  These skills will require a moderate ability to diagnose and repair electrical circuits.

  • Ability to properly navigate customers’ technical websites.
  • Ability to trouble shoot down to component level.
  • Ability to assist customers over the phone with technical questions.
  • Ability to perform all parts changer levels.
  • Ability to perform more complex troubleshooting tasks.
  • Ability to perform parts changing on the most complex units in respective product line.
  • Ability to maintain and troubleshoot major test equipment.

Education and Experience:

  • AA Degree from and accredited institution of learning, or comparable training & experience.
  • 2+ years of experience. 
  • Ability to solder and desolder components (including surface mount components).
  • Ability to perform above the level of required workmanship standards to adapt to the changing electronic/technological field.

Joining the ISS Family

Instrument Sales and Service is a 70-year distributor, manufacturer and remanufacturer of specialty auto parts and heavy-duty equipment components.  Headquartered in Portland, with a branch Kent.  We operate in several unique niche markets. We are an entrepreneurial, growth-oriented company with thousands of satisfied customers.

Compensation:  Starting salary for this position is $22.00 per hour.  ISS also offers health, dental, vision, life and disability insurance, 401(k) plan, paid vacation, paid Washington Sick Leave and paid 1-month sabbatical every 7 years.

ISS is an equal opportunity employer.