Custodian for 68 unit Condominium (2539 South Bayshore Drive, Miami, FL 33133, USA) – Veteran Jobs

2539 South Bayshore Drive, Miami, FL 33133, USA
Harbour Hill Club Condominium Inc.

Handyman in broad terms, experienced in cleaning and maintenance of a residential or commercial building with knowledge of or skilled in lighting, heating, plumbing, painting, maintenance of indoor and outdoor lighting fixtures and light landscape.  Work with vendors and management for heavy duty work in various maintenance projects of the facility.  Must have a pleasant demeanor representing the Association to the residents and owners. English and Spanish required.


Duties and Responsibilities:

Top duties include but are not limited to:

·         Cleaning exterior floors, doors, windows, walls and elevator interior

·         Collecting trash and emptying trash cans

·         Cleaning and maintaining garbage room; keeping it organized

·         Wiping down laundry equipment and keeping laundry room clean

·         Inspecting walls & doors for mildew and cleaning with appropriate cleanser

·         Performing minor repairs (including painting) of doors & fixtures or report deterioration for major repair

·         Inspecting pool area for dirt and clean with hose and brush as necessary.  Arranging pool furniture

·         Store pool furniture for hurricanes

·         Checking light bulbs and replacing failed units using ladders.

·         Polishing brass fire department connections

·         Clearing loose palm fronds & trimming hedge

·         Water plants

·         Once a month escort pest control service provider around condo & to unit dwellings



Skills & Qualifications:

·         Physical strength & stamina

·         Ability to stand and walk for long periods

·         Ability to lift & move over 50 pounds

·         Experience in use of common hand tools and implements

·         Ability to climb and use ladders

·         Knowledge of different cleaning products

·         Knowledge of common paint products and implements

·         Time management & multitasking abilities

·         Organization skills

·         Good verbal communication & interpersonal skills

·         Ability to complete Duties with minimal supervision



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