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ROTC Scholarship Consulting

My business helps high school seniors obtain Service Academy admission or an ROTC scholarship.   Part of my service is to arrange a student visit to a local National Guard or Reserve unit near the student’s home so that they can “shadow” a junior officer for several hours over a weekend drill day (Saturday or Sunday).   Such shadowing helps the student in their application and interviews for Service Academies and ROTC scholarships.

I need help in arranging these visits.    You will be paid $50 per arrangement.   Your mission would be accomplished when I am able to give the student the time/date/location of the visit and the name, email and phone number of the person at the unit the students needs to reach out to for final coordination.

My expectation is that once I give you the location of the student (City, State) you will be able to arrange the visit in about a week.   The visit will normally be on the first weekend of each month when most of these units drill.

The person for this job would need to exercise initiative in locating individuals who can arrange these visits and be comfortable with talking with national guard or reserve officers in the rank of captain to lieutenant colonel (lieutenant to commander in the Navy).  Tenacity is a key aspect of this work.

The ideal person would be a current or former national guard or reserve officer.  Recent experience in the military is a plus.   However, I encourage all veterans to apply.

I will give you training on how to find these individuals who can arrange these visits and a script when you speak to them.

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