Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Cleaner – Lead Tech (Baltimore, MD, USA) – Veteran Jobs

Baltimore, MD, USA
HydroServ, LLC

We are family owned company that needs good people to do a tough but necessary job.  

We clean the grease out of any location with a commercial kitchen, whether that be a local restaurant, a grocery store with a food section, a hospital, a retirement community, and anywhere else that prepares food.

Our crews of 2 or 3 typically show up when the restaurant or kitchen is closing, and spend the night on the rooftops and in the kitchen using chemicals, pressure washers and old fashioned scrapers to make sure that load of grease isn’t a fire hazard, wrap it up, shine it up, then plan to be back in a few months.

This is a year round job, where we get to know our customers and our employees to be sure we are offering everyone the kind of service and the kind of job they can be proud of.

This isn’t a job where you can hide, so if you aren’t prepared to work this isn’t the job for you.

We are happy to train the right person for this job, so while experience is great, it is not required.  

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