Cannabis Harvest Technician (Freetown, MA, USA) – Veteran Jobs

Freetown, MA, USA
Bask, Inc


Bask’s goal is to serve cannabis patients and consumers by providing state of the art facilities designed and built to produce high quality, consistent cannabis that is cultivated and processed in a controlled, secure, and sustainable environment. Our belief in sustainable cultivation and processing practices — and our responsibility towards our community and environment — is driven by the core belief that patients and consumers should have access to safe, regulated cannabis.

This position blends post-harvest cannabis expertise with agriculture operations. The ideal candidate is passionate about quality, strict about inventory organization and keen to monitor every stage of Bask’s diligent post-harvest process. While cannabis expertise is a big advantage, a candidate with post-production experience in other related crops and/or fast paced work environment would also be the best fit.

At the highest level, the Harvest and Post-Harvest Technician is responsible for assisting inventory control, quality control and efficiencies from wet harvest all the way through to packaging of dried product.


Key Responsibilities:

 -Assist with all Quality Control and Quality Assurance of Bask’s high-end cannabis throughout the harvesting process. (defects, trichrome handling, flower size, trim, biproduct, etc.)

-Assist in the management of all inventory of harvested cannabis material through the Post-Harvest process: wet trim, dry room, cure, dry trim, packaging and QC.

-Maintain and organize barcoded inventory in METRC and Outlaw Harvest System(s).

-Ability to properly follow all Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and the Cannabis Control Commission (CCC) mandated compliancy tasks.

-Help refine SOPs through each stage of the harvest and post-harvest process.

-Be active in daily checklists and to-dos for crew members to properly maintain environmental controls, product quality and strict cleanliness protocols.

-Ensure that all QC/QA protocols are being followed and maintained at all stages.

-Follow all rules and regulations for harvest and inventory management including wet weight measurements, dry weight measurements, and harvest batch requirements as set out in the State of Massachusetts regulations and Bask.


Harvest and Post-Harvest Technicians must have:

-Extreme attention to detail and organizational skills.

-Strong leadership skills and an ability to add motivation within a team.

-Ability to allocate and prioritize inventory across multiple stages of the process.

-Ability to grade and channel inventory strategically.

-Ability to operate within a track and trace environment.

-The ability to resolve any situation that may arise with compliancy in the Harvest Department and the interacting licenses.

-The ability to prepare, process and package any and all types of cannabis to BASK’s standards.

-Trimming Skills and experience (preferred but not required)

-Positive attitude, remains calm under pressure.

-Excellent oral and written communication skills.

-Ability to lift 50 lbs.

-Reliable transportation.

-Passes background check

-Must be 21+ years of age.

-Must have legal working status.

-High School diploma and/or College degree (preferred but not required).

-Equal opportunity employer


Core Competencies:

-Team Player: Proven ability to work cooperatively with team members at all levels.

-Accountability: Establishes clear expectations for self and others to achieve stated goals and objectives. Sets regular review and oversight procedures against a plan, gives regular feedback to ensure system and record accuracy.

-Initiative: Self-management is a must. Shows they want to succeed in the workplace.

-Cleanliness: Maintaining a clean work environment is crucial to the success of BASK.