Association of Air Force Missileers

The Association of Air Force Missileers (AAFM) is an organization dedicated to supporting veterans of the United States Air Force Missileer program. The AAFM was founded in 2004 by retired Air Force Colonel Larry L. Patton, and is a 501(c)(19) non-profit organization. The mission of the organization is to provide support, advocacy, and camaraderie to Air Force Missileers, as well as to honor their legacy and commitment to service.

The Air Force Missileer program began in the 1950s and continued through the Cold War. Missileers were responsible for operating and maintaining the intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) systems which guarded the United States from possible attack. They were also responsible for the maintenance and delivery of the nuclear warheads. Missileers worked in remote and often isolated silos, sometimes spending weeks underground and away from their families.

The AAFM provides many programs and services for its members. These include a scholarship program, job search assistance, and access to an online community of fellow Missileers. The organization also provides an annual reunion for its members and their families, which is held in a different location each year.

The AAFM also advocates on behalf of its members. The organization works to ensure that the Missileers receive the recognition and benefits they deserve. It works with the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to ensure that veterans receive the services they need, such as healthcare and disability benefits. The AAFM also lobbies on behalf of its members to increase military pay and benefits.

The AAFM is committed to preserving the legacy of Missileers, and to honoring their service and sacrifice. The organization hosts an annual memorial service to honor fallen Missileers, and also participates in community events such as parades and ceremonies. The AAFM also works with the US Air Force to ensure that Missileer contributions are remembered and appreciated.

The Association of Air Force Missileers is a dedicated and passionate organization that is committed to honoring and supporting the Missileers who have served our country. The organization provides many services and programs, as well as advocacy and support, to its members. The AAFM is an important resource for veterans and their families, and it is a powerful advocate for the Missileer community. To learn more about the Association of Air Force Missileers and its mission, please visit Association of Air Force Missileers.